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Managing phones on an Enterprise or Unified Communications (UC) system is a daunting and demanding task that entails various challenges in the current dynamic and rapidly changing business environment, and at different levels:

Technology leaders have to make decisions that could have strategic implications, like whether to replace their old inventory or upgrade it to become technological relevant again. This decision making process becomes a cumbersome one when KPIs like Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and Return on Investment (ROI) become part of it. Meanwhile, they also have to take other factors into consideration like resource planning, budgets, implementation time.

Engineers and Architects have to develop sustainable solutions that enhance the infrastructure, keep it secure to protect the company’s assets, and ensure the organization’s smooth communication, all that while transitioning or integrating into new technologies.

Administrators are confronted with a rapid increase of new technologies and devices, which increases the complexity of acquiring and applying the knowledge and skills required to maintain their systems, for which they devote extensive time to vendor training.

Organizations must carefully orchestrate a smooth and seamless transition from legacy communication infrastructure to SIP and cloud-based solutions. This transition requires formulating and executing a comprehensive migration strategy that aligns with overarching business goals and objectives. Leaders must carefully balance resource allocation to support both communication initiatives and other strategic projects, identifying and mitigating potential bottlenecks that could impede strategic progress. By proactively addressing resource utilization challenges, organizations can ensure seamless execution of strategic plans and achieve overall business success.

Engineering Level

At the engineering level, IT professionals must grapple with the technical complexities of maintaining a high-performing UC infrastructure with reliable and secure endpoints in the absence of complete visibility into the network. Limited visibility into Avaya Aura endpoints can hinder proactive troubleshooting and efficient resource allocation. Real-time information about device statuses, including locations, is often unavailable, making it difficult to maintain optimal performance and respond promptly to network issues. Meanwhile, they need to stay on top of evolving technologies and ensure seamless integration with other enterprise systems.

Administrational Level

Streamlining the daily management of UC devices is essential to minimize resource consumption, such as time, and optimize performance. Implementing proactive monitoring and troubleshooting mechanisms can help identify and address potential issues before they escalate.

Adherence to following stringent protocols and regulatory standards is crucial to maintain data integrity and protect sensitive information.

The operational complexity of managing UC devices is made more complex by logistical challenges of physically accessing devices. Remote capabilities will reduce downtime, and improve efficiency while completely optimizing the operational management of UC devices by being able to troubleshoot, configure, update or login devices without the need to physically move to a different floor, building or region.

Features & Capabilities


Manage, provision, migrate and convert Avaya devices remotely, and without the need to have physical access to any of the devices

  • Zero-touch (remote) new phone roll out
  • Firmware Conversion & Auto Login for SIP – Bulk & Individual
  • Device Type conversion H.323 (to / from) SIP – Bulk & Individual
  • Redirect devices to new serving site(s) with/without immediate reboot
  • Concurrently Upgrade, Downgrade and redirect devices to a new service site(s)
  • Convert H.323 device extension dial strings to another string format
  • Convert extension numbers for H.323 devices without resetting switch(es)/router(s)
  • Upgrade/Downgrade Firmware with/out immediate device reboot
  • Multi-step (Auto) upgrade for device migration
  • Automated Out-of-the-box device onboarding
  • Keep references of Settings, Models, Firmware compatibility, Release notes
  • Automatically authorize changes based on predefined policies
  • Bulk loading of profiles for devices, groups, or sites.
  • Remediating device firmware and server registration problems
  • Discover devices across many sites and call servers
  • Dynamic device group formation and teaming
  • Browser-based administration for secure remote access (virtually from anywhere)
  • User Roles (Access Control List)
  • Visual Dashboard for full visibility
  • Real-time device information, status, validation and updates
  • Single Sign-on User Authentication
  • Single ESXi backup for EM Database host, including end-to-end data
  • No Fileserver for 46xxsettings.txt files needed
  • DHCP (configure option 242)
  • 150GB+ and Expandable Disk Space for Firmware files
  • Patented Innovative Hierarchy System & Profiling
  • Onboarding Map types for System, Subnet, IP Range
  • Multi-device Map configuration
  • Sites, Locations, Groups, Subgroups, Subnets
  • Patented Firmware Hierarchy & Dynamic generation of settings
  • Phone model – Group mapping
  • Deployment Model (Virtualized System)
  • No need for HTTPS / Utility server(s)
  • Third-party Integration through Restful APIs (Supports web services)
  • Enhanced Emergency Response Locations
  • Clustered/HADR: Auto sync all files across all Endpoint Manager hosts
  • Manage alternative Avaya Aura registrar servers and recovery
  • Avaya Aura Releases Up to R10
  • Avaya Aura H.323 Devices 16xx, 46xx, 96xx, 96×1, J100 Series
  • Avaya Aura SIP Devices 96xx, 96×1, J100 Series, H.175
  • Based on: Linux®
  • Supports: Open Virtualization Format
  • Installed on: VMWare™
  • Packaged as a single OVA (Open Virtual Appliance)
  • Deployment: On-premise, Customer Data Center, Private Cloud

Seamless Device Management & Migration for Avaya Aura

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