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Optimize TCO and Maximize ROI

iNEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager helps IT Leaders optimize their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by streamlining device management, and extending the lifespan of existing Avaya Aura devices. By eliminating manual tasks, automating processes, and providing near real-time visibility, iNEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager enables IT teams to work smarter and more efficiently, driving cost savings and improving ROI.

  • Improve ROI: Your team to spend less time managing and provisioning devices, and focus on other impactful projects, leading to higher achievements in your IT department.
  • Reduce TCO: Remote capabilities, near real-time visibility, automation, and centralization of device management, will allow your IT team to do more with less to update and maintain devices, extending endpoint lifecycles and reducing capital expenditures.
  • Track Avaya Device Assets: Near Real-time visibility into device status and locations will allow to keep track of your device counts and allocations across sites, locations, groups, and subnets.

Protect Your Investment in Avaya Devices

iNEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager enables IT Leaders to protect their investment in existing Avaya Aura devices by facilitating seamless upgrades and updates without the need for costly replacements. By extending the lifespan of existing devices, iNEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager helps organizations defer capital expenditures and optimize their hardware investments.

  • Extend device lifecycles: Migrate and update existing devices to new firmware and dynamically vend settings to ensure that devices remain up-to-date and secure, extending their lifespan.
  • Avoid unnecessary replacements: With seamless upgrading of devices, protect your investment in Avaya devices by avoiding costly replacements.
  • Future-proof communications infrastructure: Supporting the latest Avaya Aura technologies and standards, ensure that your organization is prepared for future communications needs.

Eliminate Resource Bottlenecks & Enhance Security

iNEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager has a unique architecture that adds more agility to Avaya Aura. With High-Availability configuration, it empowers organizations to eliminate IT bottlenecks and enhance strategic agility, reducing down-time, and improving Security and failover.

  • Reduce Downtime and Improve Failover Procedures: Innovative Architecture coupled with High-Availability configuration, iNEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager will reduce down-times and keep Avaya devices functioning during failover or maintenance windows, ensuring reliable communications across the organization.
  • Enhance Security: Near real-time monitoring and remote capabilities allows fast troubleshooting and minimizes network disruptions and downtime, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and physical access to devices.
  • Eliminate IT bottlenecks: Automated device provisioning, configuration, and troubleshooting eliminate manual intervention, reducing IT backlogs and freeing up resources for strategic projects.

Seamless Device Management & Migration for Avaya Aura

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