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Streamlined Remote Device Provisioning and Configuration

iNEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager empowers system administrators to streamline remote device provisioning and configuration, eliminating the need for physical access to devices. Its intuitive interface and automated workflows simplify the process of adding, configuring, and managing Avaya Aura devices from anywhere, reducing time and effort.

  • Remote device discovery and inventory: Automatically discover new devices and create comprehensive inventories, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring accurate records.
  • Automated device configuration: Apply pre-defined configuration templates or customize settings for specific devices, ensuring consistent configurations across the network.
  • Simplified device onboarding: Streamline the process of onboarding new devices by automating registration, authentication, and provisioning tasks.

Proactive Troubleshooting and Remote Device Resolution

iNEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager provides near real-time visibility into the status of all Avaya Aura devices, enabling system administrators to proactively identify and resolve potential issues before they impact more users. Its remote troubleshooting capabilities allow for quick and efficient resolution of problems, minimizing downtime and maximizing uptime.

  • Near real-time device monitoring: Monitor device health, activities, and error logs to identify potential issues early.
  • Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting: Remotely diagnose and troubleshoot device problems without the need for on-site visits, reducing downtime and improving resolution time.

Simplified Remote Device Restart and Login

iNEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager simplifies remote device restart and login procedures, enabling system administrators to manage devices efficiently from any location. Its centralized management platform provides a single point of control for management and remote access.

  • Remote device restart: Remotely restart devices, resolving common issues and ensuring device availability.
  • Simplified remote login: Enable remote access to devices, providing flexibility and reducing on-site visits.
  • Centralized control of device access: Centrally manage access permissions by controlling which user can login to a device, enhancing security and compliance.

Seamless Device Management & Migration for Avaya Aura

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