INEMSOFT ClassOne Solution Helps Airline’s Radio Communications Stay on Board

An award-winning airline offers flights to cities throughout North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe.

The airline and its regional carriers serve over 150 destinations in more than 20 countries, queuing up more than 600 flights with approximately 55,000 passengers daily.

  • Challenge

    Communication between pilots, airport crews and the operations center is critical for the airline’s success. However, the airline was using an aging radio-based communication system to carry those mission-critical transmissions. The system was at capacity and couldn’t accommodate the current demand or any future growth. A critical radio switch was no longer supported by the manufacturer, putting operations at risk in the event of a major component failure. In addition, there were no failover capabilities to protect radio communications if an outage in the airline’s primary data center were to occur. 

    The airline had invested significantly in upgrading its technology to include a dual-carrier multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) network, geographically diverse data centers, virtualized servers and desktops, and a unified communications platform that incorporated Voice over IP  and mobility capabilities. With its older radio operations, crews were unable to tap into the benefits of the new unified communications platform.

  • Solutions

    The INEMSOFT ClassOne® product family, with its modular, distributed design, was exactly what the airline needed to update its radio infrastructure. Consisting of the ClassOne Interoperability and Collaboration Applications Server, Radio Gateways and Operator Consoles, the INEMSOFT solutions enable the integrated radio-telephony platform to serve the airline’s business functions and operations units. The solutions participate as a network node in the airline’s Avaya Aura® infrastructure, with the ClassOne Radio Gateways providing the interface to the airline’s ground and air radios. The integrated solution brought the airline’s operations center and its radio-based communications into the voice network, delivering full access to the network’s feature-rich unified communications and collaboration services. With dial access to the corporate voice network and company contact center, operations personnel can make and receive calls from their UHF and VHF radios and participate in collaborative communication sessions as if they were using telephones. In addition, because radio traffic flows over the corporate IP network, the system now has the same fundamental business continuity protections as the airline’s core Avaya Aura unified communications applications, providing transparent failover paths that eliminate any single point of failure.

    With business, control and field operations able to communicate over a single, highly scalable, IP/SIP-enabled radio-telephony platform, the airline was able to boost collaboration, speed decision making and shorten response time. The entire organization now has a cost-effective and on-demand means to meet current and future radio communication needs. Additionally, carrying both radio and telephone traffic over the same IP/SIP infrastructure has eliminated a maze of obsolete analog hardware.

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