INEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager Helps a Large Financial Institution Manage its Avaya Devices Globally

One of the world’s largest financial services organizations–serving millions of consumers, small businesses, corporations, institutional and government clients in more than 100 countries– needed help managing its devices across the globe.

Globally distributed contact centers in New York, London and Hong Kong tasked with answering calls for multiple business units, including the company’s credit card, investment, and mortgage services organizations, wanted an efficient and robust solution for device management.

  • Challenge

    The organization’s contact centers are an integral part of its business. Critical to customer care, the centers employ thousands of agents utilizing Avaya Aura H.323 devices. A device outage from a station reset, network issue, system failure or even routine maintenance could seriously impact both service delivery and regulatory compliance. The financial services company needed a solution that would keep its employees available through unforeseen events and outages.

  • Solutions

    To support its needs for high-availability, always-on performance, the organization selected iNEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager to administer all devices across multiple locations and lines of business. The solution provides centralized endpoint administration through a convenient web interface. Administrators can use the powerful, web-based management tools to operate, manage, discover, validate, and remediate endpoints across the entire enterprise.  iNEMSOFT’s EM enables administrators to:

    • Centrally track and apply configuration profile definitions, firmware and settings
    • Design failover policies by line of business, individual telephone or groups of telephones
    • Tailor firmware upgrades by line of business or user profile and synchronize with serving site firmware
    • Load balance endpoints on-demand across available server sites
    • Benefit from enhanced security, authorization and auditing of user and phone activities
    • Use Secured Web Services API to integrate the solution with other CRM applications and enterprise management tools

    With the addition of iNEMSOFT’s EM, the organization has improved business continuity and operational performance. Previous time-consuming manual tasks are now automated, freeing administrators to focus on more complex matters. Performance issues, such as skipping, jitter and dropped calls, have decreased because administrators can now easily and quickly distribute excess volume to other servers across the enterprise. Finally, the new fail-over policies have provided risk mitigation over system and network failures, while also allowing administrators to perform routine maintenance whenever necessary.

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