iNEMSOFT’s SEQUENCE™: Dynamic Teaming of People and Technology

June 04, 2024

By Jackie MacElvaine, Business Development Executive

Managing emergencies in schools, campuses, and public events requires efficient and seamless communication. iNEMSOFT’s SEQUENCE™ is an automated, smart communication solution designed to handle various scenarios such as weather incidents, evacuations, lockdowns, and lockouts. By simplifying event decisions and ensuring smooth operations, SEQUENCE™ is transforming emergency management.

Simplified and Effective Emergency Communication

SEQUENCE™ was developed with ease of administration in mind. It enables predefined call flows and target groups, ensuring clear communication paths regardless of the incident type. SEQUENCE™ goes beyond simple notifications, bridging all types of communication services. Our software supports seamless interaction across different technologies, emphasizing that “voice is voice” regardless of the device or platform.

Comprehensive Incident Response

SEQUENCE™ automates responses to public, campus, and school incidents. It enables instant and dynamic teaming of people, first responders, and communication channels. This reduces the time needed for response coordination and preparation, accelerates group communications, and breaks down technological barriers. The software rapidly engages the community, relaying real-time instructions about incident locations and identities.

Real-Time Communication Across Platforms

With SEQUENCE™, campus emergency administrators and key personnel can initiate real-time communication across various platforms, including land mobile radios, mobile devices, loudspeakers, intercoms, and campus telephones. SEQUENCE™ members can communicate, delegate tasks, receive emergency calls, issue commands, and participate fully in incident resolution.

Integration with Avaya Infrastructure

SEQUENCE™ can integrate seamlessly with Avaya infrastructure, facilitating proactive management of communications in hospitals, events, schools, and colleges during emergencies. Its intuitive administration interface allows for pre-identified call flows and target groups, ensuring accelerated responses to incidents no matter the type.

Predefined Communication Profiles for Rapid Response

SEQUENCE™ scenarios are pre-established communication profiles designed to expedite communications in specific situations. These profiles outline necessary communication resources and user access levels ensuring efficient coordination. The solution supports various communication endpoints, from phones and radios to mobile devices, all while being brand-agnostic.

Customized Incident Scenarios

SEQUENCE™ offers customizable incident scenarios tailored to your organization’s needs. In a school scenario, for example, the SEQUENCE™ incorporates various communication channels such as district phones, Security Resource Office, dispatch, soft phones, Teams, Zoom, mobile phones, landlines, public safety dispatch, public safety radio, fire radio, state police radio dispatch, overhead speakers, and intercoms.

Efficient Notification and Command Control

When an incident occurs, SEQUENCE™ automatically connects phone and radio resources for faster resolution. It initiates standard communication and notification processes and activates predefined resources, enabling elevated communication and decision-making. Within seconds of activation, communication begins, and next steps are quickly determined.


iNEMSOFT’s SEQUENCE™ is revolutionizing emergency management in schools, campuses, and public events and venues. By providing a streamlined, automated communication solution, SEQUENCE™ ensures quick, coordinated, and effective responses to various incidents. Its ability to integrate with diverse communication technologies and customize incident scenarios makes it an invaluable tool for maintaining safety and protecting accelerating resolution that goes Beyond Notification.

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