INEMSOFT solutions span many markets and industries including aviation, education, financial institutions, government, healthcare, public safety, transportation, and utilities.

Compliant with key Avaya OneCloud™ UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solutions, iNEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager (EM) helps customers save time and reduce costs by automating device management with intelligent tools that accelerate device migration and activation.

iNEMSOFT’s device management solutions are designed for customers demanding automation. iNEMSOFT’s EM can be installed on premise, in customer data centers, or in a private cloud, and its flexibility and scalability accelerate the transition to Avaya OneCloud UCaaS solutions.

iNEMSOFT’s EM is optimized for the Avaya Aura platform, but adaptable to other vendor devices.  This patented software simplifies and automates onboarding, activation, provisioning, and firmware upgrades in branch offices, satellite campuses and remote locations, across organizations of any size.

INEMSOFT’s ClassOne® solutions are designed for customers with mission-critical push-to-talk dispatch, call taking, and response operations.  A key ClassOne differentiator is adaptability to various SIP and UCaaS platforms. The ClassOne iCAS solution enables operations managers to leverage existing UCaaS systems, integrating radio communications into the corporate voice backbone. Applications include:

  • Emergency vehicles, first responders, marine traffic, automobiles, trucks, trains or airplanes, linking primary dispatch organizations and regional emergency operations
  • Mobile command vehicles for responding to public emergencies and natural disasters
  • Maintenance, customer support, crew management or police communications
  • Secure railways, seaports and airports or other highly critical infrastructure, providing seamless interoperability with public safety teams and emergency responders
  • Customer emergency notification systems, extending coverage to users with radio, public safety, and emergency response devices
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