A New England healthcare provider with a distributed workforce across many hospitals, clinics and labs is using iNEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager to manage an estimated 7,000 devices. The organization has many Avaya Aura environments across the state that it’s consolidating to a single Avaya SIP core.  Expansion requires dial plan conversion from 4-digit extensions to 5- or 7-digit plans while keeping users logged in; acquisition of a new hospital group will require upgrading and migrating to the new single SIP core.

An evaluation is underway with a multinational Healthcare Provider with a distributed workforce across 200+ administrative offices, hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices and laboratories. The customer is planning to upgrade and roll out new SIP devices across a complex Avaya Aura environment with multiple Avaya Aura Communication Manager nodes and an estimated 4,500 devices. The environment spans nine time zones, multiple file servers, numerous settings files and incompatible firmware with new devices requiring multi-step upgrades followed by downgrades.

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