Communicate Seamlessly and Link Vital People and Processes in an Integrated Communications Community

The building blocks of the CLASSONE® product family–Operator Console, Radio Gateway and Interoperability and Collaboration Applications Server (iCAS)–deliver efficient, integrated - telephone and radio communications and dispatch. The underlying software architecture makes it simple to deploy these solutions virtually anywhere and realize a broad range of benefits:

Affordable scalability

Organizations can expand the number of users, telephones, consoles and radio channels without having to add more control cards or specialized hardware.

High-availability and disaster recovery

Virtualized options provide a simple, cost-effective path to high availability and robust disaster recovery.

New capabilities for an existing UCaaS platform

The iCAS solution uses a customer’s existing UCaaS and SIP PBX infrastructure, with land-based, two-way radios appearing as telephones so that radio calls can be transported over the IP/SIP network.

Reduced network infrastructure for lower cost of ownership

By eliminating duplicate voice and radio networks, organizations can reduce their network infrastructure and replace costly TDM/analog or frame-relay circuits with IP-based circuits such as MPLS, resulting in a much lower total cost of ownership.

 Seamless upgrade path

The ClassOne product family provides replacement and migration path for radio systems that become obsolete, reach the end of their operational life, or lack the scalability and interoperability the customer needs.  INEMSOFT is able to protect the customer’s investment in legacy systems, while providing a clear path for migrating to VOIP/IP and SIP technologies.

New and unique capabilities

The iCAS solution creates opportunities for customers to use voice, self-service, video, and messaging capabilities to develop new and unique applications that streamline and transform business practices and expedite response to operational needs and emergencies.

Mission-critical performance.

By transparently integrating land-based mobile radio systems with business communications on a high-availability platform, the iCAS solution is ideal for public safety and other mission-critical operations.

Simplified management and maintenance.

Critical operational and communications assets can be deployed, managed, upgraded, controlled and accessed from anywhere in a secure environment, which provides for operational flexibility, reduced maintenance and improved uptime.

How Can iNEMSOFT's Endpoint Manager Help You with your Device Management?

iNEMSOFT's Endpoint Manager (EM) can reduce your cost to provision and manage devices, usually at a fraction of the time and cost of existing tools. The move toward Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) has resulted in the proliferation of economical SIP devices. Most existing tools still require consuming and cumbersome processes with extensive manual effort needed to on-board and activate hundreds or thousands of new devices. This is magnified when managing firmware upgrades and settings files across multiple sites, call server versions, device models and firmware versions.

Onboarding New Devices with Zero-Touch Activation

Zero-touch, set and forget is the cornerstone concept of  iNEMSOFT’s EM. Our patented technology fully automates individual and mass onboarding and device activation, helping you avoid a costly and time-consuming staging process. Devices have a dial tone immediately after delivery to the customer. Once a device is added to  iNEMSOFT’s EM, you can also perform ongoing management of firmware and settings. Oncents EM provides new device settings, firmware and will activate without any end-user intervention. The  EM’s easy-to-use web interface and remote provisioning and control make it easy to manage even tens of thousands of devices. You can see each device with its detailed information. You can add, change, and onboard as many devices as needed.

Migrate from On-premises H.323 to SIP and Avaya OneCloud UCaaS with Speed and Precision

Migrating hundreds or thousands of devices from H.323 to SIP is a breeze. Just set up your device and group profile policies.  iNEMSOFT’s EM will start the conversion on your command or on the next device reset. Do it yourself or ask our consultants to migrate your devices safely with speed and precision. You can even verify new configurations by validating with a single device or a group of devices before rolling out to remaining devices.

Manage Devices Any Time from Anywhere

Maintaining device settings, configurations and firmware across multiple serving sites, call servers, device models and software versions can be daunting. With  iNEMSOFT’s EM, you can tailor device firmware, and upgrade and recovery policies by the entire serving site, line of business, group or individual device. You can manage a single device, a group of devices or an entire line of business across different serving sites, applying the right firmware version for both the primary and backup call serving sites to avoid costly downtime.

Managed Services

The INEMSOFT professional services team is ready to help you accelerate your migration from H.323 to SIP. Our team can help you throughout the process, ensuring a timely completion. The EM’s patented technology automates device migrations, provisioning, management and activation.

Maximize Service Up-Time

The EM’s “always on” feature allows you to maximize uptime. You can tailor device recovery policies by line of business, group or even individual device. Maximize uptime for both call centers and devices by implementing failover policies tailored to your business. Reduce outages due to system failures by maintaining service during upgrades and maintenance windows.

Customized Solutions

The INEMSOFT professional services team can help you customize  iNEMSOFT’s EM by developing custom plug-ins and adding new models and types of devices. We can also help you integrate the solution with your CRM application, configure devices, and customize your backup and restore policies.

Automated Software Updates

 iNEMSOFT’s EM automates software updates and handles all upgrades in the background without impacting device services.

 Cloud Resilient Services

 iNEMSOFT’s EM operates in the cloud with multiple data centers, providing inherent disaster recovery and high availability. The EM’s admin portal allows you to add users and roles, track user activities, audit device changes and generate inventory reports. On board hundreds or thousands of new devices daily by simply importing devices in bulk. The EM’s cloud services eliminate the need for on-premises server hardware. Perform all your remote device management with the assurance of a fully secured connection.

All about Saving Time and Money

Realize ongoing savings using  iNEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager, by automating device migration, firmware upgrades, or providing setting files. Save IT staff labor by remotely resetting devices and eliminate device options dependency on the corporate DHCP. The Oncents EM dashboard shows every device, type, home server, IP, MAC address and firmware version.

Meet Your SLAS

Ensure you meet your contract SLAs with iNEMSOFT’s EM. Avoid outages and maximize uptime with our “always on” solution.

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