iNEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager enables customers to take advantage of new Avaya SIP telephony with precision and speed, reducing costs and migration risks, while accelerating adoption of Avaya’s OneCloud UCaaS platform. Customer benefits include:

  • Lower TCO: Save time and reduce costs by automating device firmware and settings management with intelligent tools.
  • Zero-Touch Capability Minimizes Risk: Remote device administration in the context of global pandemic conditions reduces risks associated with dispatching personnel to reboot or upgrade devices.
  • Reducing Migration Costs: Migrate to J100 devices even within H.323 environments, as iNEMSOFT’s Endpoint Manager automates converting J100 devices with factory-installed SIP firmware to H.323, bypassing costly staging and deployment services while preparing for the final migration to SIP as a managed process.
  • Preserving Business Processes: Preserve legacy device settings and business processes while transitioning to new SIP devices, reducing the impact on business operations.
  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard Provides Fast Access: Access a graphical dashboard showing all telephone endpoints. See valuable information such as the status, distribution and a precise number of registered endpoints for each managed serving site and switch site.
  • Centralized Data Storage: System configurations are maintained in a relational database that imposes centralized control and reduces data redundancy and inconsistencies, saving customers time and costs. Realize improved data integrity and more efficient data management and easily add or remove devices and change configuration settings or firmware.
  • Broader Scalability Provides Flexibility:  Reliably and economically scale device management from a small locally deployed system to an enterprise-wide rollout capable of managing many devices across remote offices, regional branches or globally distributed subsidiaries.
  • Efficient Centralized Administration Saves Time:  Centrally push firmware and settings, including moving device registration to alternative call servers, business lines, firmware versions, telephone groups, profiles, and assignments – on demand and automatically.
  • Improved Business Performance:  Leverage improved continuity and operational performance of their telecom operations by applying precise rules for management, discovery, validation, and remediation of Avaya Aura devices.
  • Disaster Recovery Capabilities: Configure solutions with redundant servers for higher availability that can be distributed or virtualized to multiple Avaya Aura cores for disaster recovery and business continuity.

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