• Affordable scalability: Organizations can expand the number of users, telephones, consoles and radio channels without having to add more control cards or specialized hardware.
  • High-availability and disaster recovery: Virtualized options provide a simple, cost-effective path to high availability and robust disaster recovery.
  • New capabilities for an existing Avaya network: The iCAS uses a customer’s existing Avaya Aura® and IP network infrastructure.  As a result, land-based, two-way radios appear as telephones so that radio calls can be transported over the IP/SIP network.
  • Reduced network infrastructure for lower cost of ownership: By eliminating duplicate voice and radio networks, organizations can reduce their network infrastructure and replace costly TDM/analog or frame-relay circuits with IP-based circuits such as MPLS.  The result is a much lower total cost of ownership.
  • Seamless upgrade path: The iCAS provides a straightforward replacement and migration path for radio systems that become obsolete, reach the end of their operational life or lack the scalability and interoperability the customer needs.  INEMSOFT is able to protect the customer’s investment in legacy systems, while providing a clear path for migrating to VOIP/IP and SIP technologies.
  • New and unique capabilities: The iCAS solution creates opportunities for customers to use the voice, self-service, video and messaging capabilities of Avaya Aura® to develop new and unique applications that streamline and transform business practices and expedite response to operational needs and emergencies.
  • Mission-critical performance: By transparently integrating land-based mobile radio systems with business communications on a high-availability platform, the iCAS is ideal for public safety and other mission-critical operations.
  • Simplified management and maintenance: Critical operational and communications assets can be deployed, managed, upgraded, controlled and accessed from anywhere in a secure environment, which provides for operational flexibility, reduced maintenance and improved uptime.

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