• Distributed Architecture: The distributed architecture makes use of shared corporate services, such as Avaya Aura® voice communications infrastructure and the IP network (MPLS), to optimize the return on existing capital and investment. Console placements are location independent and require minimal duplication of hardware.
  • Virtualized Environment: The virtualized server is offered as a single (1U) form factor. It uses iNEMSOFT Server standard technology virtualized with Avaya Aura® and using VMware platform. The server is licensed to customer specifications based on the number of users, radio endpoint devices, trunks, telephones and consoles. Customers who have their own VMware IT infrastructure have a simple upgrade path to incorporate iCAS and take advantage of the high availability and fault tolerance VMware delivers.
  • Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption: The CLASSONE® iCAS can be implemented in a disaster recovery site in active-active mode, fully replicating the primary site. This configuration may include the local high availability (backup) server for each site. The disaster recovery configuration requires duplicated software licenses, IP addresses, networks ports and geographical separation in order to provide full disaster recovery and high availability across sites.
  • SIP/VOIP Consoles: INEMSOFT’s new generation of the CLASSONE® iCAS console applications for IP/VOIP or SIP deployments enables connectivity to existing Avaya Aura® or legacy radio systems. The iCAS SIP-based consoles provide economical options for centralized or distributed deployments across the IP network, without constraints of traditional legacy hardware.
  • Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) Integration: The CLASSONE® iCAS is integrated with CAD systems for managing shift changes and territory alignments. The message from the CAD system reconfigures the user desktop automatically and reorganizes the user territory profiles, radios, telephones and contacts, in accordance with the CAD requirements for the territory changes.
  • Contact Center Applications: The CLASSONE® iCAS integrates with Avaya Contact Center applications, enabling authorized customer service support, crew callers and contact center agents to communicate with airplanes, trucks, ships, trains, vehicles, public safety contacts, emergency responders and field personnel.
  • Centralized Web Administration and Management: The CLASSONE® iCAS Web Admin provides centralized management of remote consoles and radio endpoints over the IP/VOIP network, enabling administrators to add new radios, consoles and other telecom assets at any time – with minimum effort and cost.
  • IP/SIP Radio Gateway: The SIP-based, land-based mobile CLASSONE® iCAS Radio Gateway provides a command and control interface for various types of radios over the IP/SIP protocol, including UHF/VHF, narrowband, digital 700/800 MHZ and P25. The CLASSONE® iCAS Client Applications and authorized off-network voice devices can provide push-to-talk connectivity to any radio.

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