ClassOne Radio Gateway

 iNEMSOFT’s ClassOne solutions help organizations integrate radio communications directly into their overall voice over IP (VoIP) communications infrastructure. All parties can communicate seamlessly on a single IP-enabled radio-telephony platform – boosting collaboration, speeding decision making and shortening response times. Radio operations can be fully integrated with corporate back-office systems, voice networks, self-service applications, customer service systems and more.

The ClassOne Radio Gateway interfaces to UHF/VHF, P25 and 700/800 MHZ digital radios, enabling users to patch telephones to radios and radios to radios efficiently, regardless of the channel or frequency. Conferencing telephones with radios can be accomplished with the existing core communication system.  Delivering interoperability for agencies responsible for handling 9-1-1 calls and dispatching first responders, the ClassOne Radio Gateway can also be used for managing emergency call centers within campus operations such as universities, ISDs, facility and transportation organizations, as well as for maintaining critical private and public infrastructures.

The ClassOne Radio Gateway provides full support for radio-to-radio bridging, inbound and outbound dialing, and mobile radio access connectivity to an organization’s back-office telephone system.

Check out the Round Rock ISD case study. 

The ClassOne Radio Gateway interoperates with an organization’s unified communications platform to facilitate radio communication over the IP/SIP network. The UC platform is a set of seamless components that provides comprehensive team and customer engagement by transforming traditional, single-purpose solutions for voice, video, e-mail and instant messaging into a true multimedia, multimodal architecture.

Integration between the Radio Gateway and the unified communications core enables seamless communication between field and office personnel, helping boost collaboration, shorten response times, and lower costs. Previously incompatible radios can communicate with each other regardless of the channel or frequency.

Radio base stations appear as a telephone station on an organization’s communications network, enabling radio users to originate and terminate calls, conference, hold and transfer calls. In addition, the Radio Gateway supports Carrier Operated Relay (COR) dialing. With COR dialing, a user can click to dial a pre-programmed number from a portable radio and connect directly to a telephone on the network. With the Radio Gateway, users are not limited to their organization’s own network though. Mobile radio access allows them to dial from any radio to any telephone on the PSTN.

Over The Air access to P25 Talk Groups on a Statewide Radio Network using a Donor Radio

The ClassOne Radio Gateway bridges 911 contact centers, call taking and dispatch operations with a statewide and public safety radio network using a donor radio.  Contact center consoles are not directly connected to the core public safety statewide radio network and will be linked over the air using a donor radio as illustrated below.

  • Bridging Call Answering and Dispatch Operations with a statewide radio network using a donor radio
  • Using on premise Avaya Aura  telephony and Call Center infrastructure for the radio consoles
  • UC, collaboration, telephony and call center features with Avaya and the iCAS server
  • Donor Radios linking Statewide Radio Talk Groups over the air using either Motorola or Kenwood P25 base stations
  • Using a Motorola donor radio limits the feature to voice from and to the Radio
  • With Kenwood base radios additional some subscriber data may be offered to console (TBD)
  • ClassOne iCAS Consoles connect to Avaya Aura and Radio Gateways
  • Single headset/console application for radio and telephone calls
  • Advanced call center and ACD agent state control
  • Advanced telephony and radio call routing and handling

Radio Connectivity Examples

Connectivity to the radio system can be accomplished by either connecting to a  radio base station or a handheld radio (handset) as illustrated below.

Using a Radio Base Station 

Using a Radio Handset

Using the SIP Radio Gateway to deploy mobile and interoperable radio communications command module

INEMSOFT develops and sells customized mobile command solutions that help organizations mobilize their operations in response to emergencies, public safety events, and disasters. The INEMSOFT development team can tailor our solutions for use with customer-specific mobile command systems, and works with  the customer to design and integrate the Radio Gateways with the organization’s SIP PBX, base station radios (P25, UHF, VHF, Tetra), mobile unit systems and networking. 

As illustrated above, all components can be housed in a single portable enclosure configured with options for mobility and network connectivity over SIP/VOIP to radios and back office telephone network, offering  mission-critical capabilities:

  • Provides low-cost mobile command solutions to connecting various base radio stations over SIP/VoIP with analog, digital or VoIP telephones, as well as smart and mobile devices
  • Enables field operations personnel to be operational in seconds when disasters
  • Provides fast and dynamic radio bridging software of P25, UHF, VHF, Tetrea and narrow-band based radio systems
  • Supports expansion of radios, telephones and consoles to scale as needed
  • Supports pre-configured mobile units with various radios, telephones and trunks and easy programming interfaces for quickly adapting to disaster and field operations
  • Enables  link ups to mobile units to satellite communications when land-based links are unavailable

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