• Achieve complete interoperability: Enable full interoperability over IP/SIP trunks, supporting mobile radio access, radio-to-radio bridging, inbound and outbound dialing, and connectivity to any back-office telephone system.
  • Connect networks seamlessly: Integrate land-mobile radio network and telephone network by transforming two-way radio base stations into telephone extensions–complete with PBX dial tone for mobile radio access services.
  • Broad command and control for radio traffic: Provide command and control for radio traffic over IP/SIP protocol, supporting multiple protocols and methods for activating and accessing radios, including “push-to-talk” by authorized off-network voice devices.
  • Seamless migration path: Operate concurrently with existing legacy and radio dispatch systems during migration to the IP-based platform, ensuring no interruption of day-to-day operations.
  • Multiple Radio Types: Interface with various types of radios, including UHF/VHF, narrowband, 700/800 MHZ digital and P25, to provide command and control of radio traffic over the IP/SIP protocol. By using different methods and protocols for activating and accessing radios, it can also support “push-to-talk” connectivity for authorized off-network voice devices.
  • Easy Upgrade Path: Operate concurrently with an organization’s existing communications and dispatch systems and new IP-based platform. Day-to-day operations will not be interrupted, providing stability and risk mitigation during the migration process.
  • Automatic Radio Bridging: The radio bridging application enables full device interoperability with radios, telephones, mobile and smart devices, regardless of the radio type or channel. Using the browser-based interface, the software can be configured and controlled from anywhere. Once configured, bridging features are automatically activated.
  • Industry-Standard Foundation: Leverage the latest-generation standards for VoIP over IP/SIP and Internet routing. This IP/SIP foundation enables full interoperability between devices, as well as remote installation, provisioning and maintenance.

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