ClassOne Operator Console

A dispatch and command console that puts you in the driver’s seat

INEMSOFT’s ClassOne® Operator Console is an intelligent, PC-based workstation featuring a user-friendly interface that commands and controls media operations and system functions. The user interface enables push-to-talk to radios and reception of inbound normal and emergency calls from either radios or the voice network. The operator can conference, transfer and control various connected media channels from a touch-screen featuring large, programmable icons that make it easy to navigate different buttons, menus and features.

The ClassOne Operator Console supports H.323, IP or SIP telephones for connectivity to radios, media operations and system functions, giving back-office workers or dispatchers push-to-talk connectivity to radios and access to other system endpoints. Use of telephones can lower deployment costs for remote response teams, regional and divisional staff and virtual operation centers.

The ClassOne Operator Console supports SIP-based soft telephones and mobile applications installed on desktop or tablet PCs and mobile devices.  The console uses the SIP protocol stack, onboard audio speakers and microphone, without needing complex digital signal processing hardware and audio management devices.

Leveraging Microsoft® Surface™ Pro portability

The ClassOne radio-telephony platform is compatible with one of the most versatile computing platforms, the Microsoft® Surface™ Pro, an optimal blend of technologies designed for maximum mobility in contact centers and overall business communications.  This solution delivers unhindered, consistent, and reliable radio and telephone communications from anywhere utilizing any available network, including broadband, LTE/4G/3G, WIFI and IP/MPLS.

Utilizing cloud services or a shared infrastructure powered by the ClassOne iCAS radio interoperability and collaboration platform, mobilizing key personnel and scaling resources instantly is now a reality.

INEMSOFT has developed the console application in collaboration with our user base, creating an interface that is user-friendly, organized, functional, consistent, and customizable. INEMSOFT solutions connect organizations with their customers and users via telephones, hotlines, public announcements, conventional and digital radio channels.

INEMSOFT’s mobile applications and tablets can be deployed for dispatch and call answering operations:

  •   Mobilizing key operation personnel
  •  Scaling resources instantly on-demand
  •  Utilizing on-premises, public cloud services or a shared infrastructure

Large Venue/Conference Management

The ClassOne Operator Console implements audio conferencing management for its radio and telephone interoperability, conferencing, and collaboration features. All-Call emergency and large venue conferencing can be initiated instantaneously with a single click from the SIP console or a campus telephone. Its audio conferencing functions, SIP radio gateways and unified communications capabilities enable all parties to participate in a large conference utilizing the campus telephony platform, connecting to a campus and with a public safety radio network efficiently and reliably.

Conferencing and collaboration features can be initiated from the console, enabling personnel to participate in a campus pre-planned event or create an ad-hoc large conference. Conference participants can include dispatchers or call center agents on radios, campus telephones, mobile telephones, public announcements, or hotlines.  

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